FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 2015

When it comes to hauling gears and people, a van is the first type of vehicle that comes to mind.  But not any old kind of van would do: nowadays, both drivers and passengers are equally picky when it comes to the kind of ride they want, with power, riding comfort, and cost of ownership all playing major roles in the eventual selection of a van.

With the introduction of the all-new NV350 Urvan, Nissan Philippines, Inc. (NPI) recently treated a group of motoring and lifestyle media for a trip from Tagaytay to Batangas.

Starting with a leisurely post-breakfast drive to Tagaytay, both passengers and driver will notice how the powerful YD25DDTi 2.5L engine takes on the uphill, twisty roads leading to Tagaytay for a gourmet lunch pit stop. Providing 356 Newton-meters of torque, complemented by 129 PS in power, the turbo-charged engine generates higher torque from low to medium speed range, translating to ease of starting and smoother acceleration.

Whether overtaking cars on the upward-bound trail, or braking for a downhill turn, the all-new NV350 Urvan’s engine and Load Sensing Valve (LSV) work in tandem to optimize the balance in break pressure between the front and rear brakes, giving power when it’s needed, and reliable braking whether the vehicle is full or empty. No need for the passengers to feel nervous about being able to overtake on crucial points of the drive, or worry about the braking capability of the all-new NV350 Urvan.

At post lunch, the group proceeded to their respective destinations, that are designed to highlight other key features of the all-new NV350 Urvan.  Chief among them is the driving comfort afforded to both the driver and its front and rear cabin passengers. This can be seen starting with the redesigned cabin interiors that opened up more legroom for both cargo and passengers alike.  Front cabin occupants can now park their bags alongside their legs, since the gearshift was moved from the floor onto the dashboard panel.  The driver is also spoiled for choice when it comes to his seat, given the wider range of configurations in terms of the extended seat slide range, as well as the steering wheel tilt.  No one will have to suffer from cramped, limited range of movement, even after hours of being on the road.

For rear passengers, they enjoyed the all-new NV350 Urvan’s airconditioning system.  Powered by the vaunted Nissan cool air experience via the individual vents mounted on twelve points off-center on the van’s ceiling, passengers can now literally relax while traveling in style.

Nissan also addresses the issue of safety with the redesign of the all-new NV350 Urvan.  Now, both the front and sides are protected via the zone body impact zones. In cases of collision, the energy is absorbed and dissipated, lessening the effects on the passengers. Supplementing this are seatbelts and airbag provisions for the driver and front passengers; a high-mounted stop lamp LED that is mounted over the rear cargo door as additional visual warning; and child-safety locks installed as standard features.

The all-new NV350 Urvan has also upgraded its looks, offering a classic color choice of white and silver. Form-wise, the NV350 also sports a clean and modern form, with a shortened overhang, longer wheelbase, and an aerodynamic side view with the removal of the side roof drip channel. Other visual enhancements include an angled strut front grille with sharply angled halogen headlights, leading to a leaner look, and a squared rear design that emphasizes the roomy impression of its cargo space.  Rounding off the external looks are the flush side windows as well as the chrome rear emblem and 15-inch wheel covers. 

And because Nissan firmly stands behind its products, customers are assured of after-sales attention and service, the Nissan way.  Those who will use the NV350 Urvan for utility purposes and will be registered as PUV will get to enjoy three years manufacturer’s warranty with no additional cost, a first in the local automotive industry.

The all-new NV350 Urvan is now available in the following configurations and pricing:

15-seater           Php 1.183M
18-seater           Php 1.196M
3-seater cargo    Php 1.177M

The all-new NV350 Urvan will come in standard colors of Brilliant Silver and Alpine White.  Special colors such as Precision Grey, Black Obsidian and Tiger Eye Brown are also available.

With all these changes, the all-new Nissan Urvan NV350 promises a better riding and driving experience for both the driver and passengers alike.  At the same time, with the unveiling of this latest model, Nissan serves notice to the rest of the local motoring scene that, yes, a strong contender for the title of King of the Vans has arrived.


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Nissan ranked the highest in customer satisfaction with after-sales service among new vehicle owners according to the J.D. Power Asia Pacific 2014 Philippines Customer Service Index (CSI) Study.

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