There are a large variety of car parts in the market, some of which are exclusive only to certain vehicles. This can be problematic for customers since it becomes difficult to assess which parts are needed. Sometimes the necessary information isn’t accessible, perhaps a dealership is difficult to reach, or maybe the owner is too far from the shop. These sorts of problems can easily inconvenience any car owner.

Thankfully, Nissan enthusiasts are saved the inconvencies through the launch of Nissan Parts Online (www.nissanparts.ph). Nissan Parts Online is a new online platform where customers can easily view and purchase genuine Nissan parts, accessories and merchandise in the comfort of their homes, beginning November 3.

A welcome innovation in the automotive industry, Nissan Parts Online allows for greater convenience for customers. Products are showcased in an online catalogue, and can be easily searched by car part, year or vehicle model. Car owners can then purchase these items and have it delivered to their homes for free within 24 hours in Metro Manila. The service also allows enthusiasts to monitor the prices and availability of specific parts.

Nissan also believes that cars are also very personal for the Filipino driver as it is an expression of their individuality. The extensive list of accessories and merchandise available in the Nissan Parts Online ensures that car owners will have everything they need to personalize their vehicles. Be it new seat covers or an overhaul in the sound system, Nissan Parts Online will allow owners to express their personalities through their vehicle.

Nissan Parts Online will also be useful for those who are looking to purchase a new car. The website will feature pertinent information for current promotions of Nissan vehicles, thus informing any consumer for affordable deals or special deals.

Parts purchasing need not be a hassle with Nissan Parts Online. This momentous innovation will allow car owners to have Nissan within an arm’s reach. It is extremely useful especially for public utility vehicles, out of warranty vehicles, or simply for car owners who may not be able to easily visit a Nissan dealership. Nissan is able to bring the brand closer to the customer through Nissan Parts Online, thus giving the general public more ways to rediscover Nissan.

Being a car owner is a responsibility, yet it does not mean that ease and convenience need to be compromised. Nissan Parts Online is another innovation, another step towards better customer service and convenience.

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