car care tips

As we stay home and #Flattenthecurve together, here are a few tips to keep your Nissan vehicles in top notch shape during the extended Enhanced Community Quarantine period. #StayHomStaySafe

  1. Keep it fresh, keep it clean.
    ·   Wash your car regularly to remove heavy stains on the paint and maintain its color quality. Thoroughly clean the cabin to remove bad smells, maintain freshness, and prevent pests from coming in.

  2. Fuel up for maintenance
    ·  Fill your fuel tank, either halfway or full, to prevent moisture build-up that could cause rust and corrosion.

  3. Pump up the pressure
    Inflate your tires to the recommended pressure to lessen the risk of cracking sidewalls and flat spots. Move your car forward and backwards to lessen the risk of damaging your tires.

  4. Keep things cozy
    Make sure your car is parked in a safe, covered area or protected with a car cover. This will protect your car from bumps, scratches, dirt, and the harsh sunlight that could damage the paint. Keep your car free from harmful animal droppings and loose leaves.

  5. Protect the Battery
    A battery will lose its charge if the car is not driven at least every few weeks.
          > Start your car every 3-4 days for 20-30 minutes to keep the battery refreshed.
          > For Manual Transmission, depress the clutch pedal several times to prevent from it sticking.
          > Run the air conditioner with the blower on to free the ventilation from any dust or foreign particles.
          > Use a wire brush or plastic brush to clean dust or dirt from the battery every time you start your vehicle.

  6. Easy on the brakes
    Avoid engaging the foot brake or handbrake for long periods to avoid stuck-up.
    ·  For Manual Transmission vehicles, leave your car in first gear or reverse.
    ·  For Automatic Transmission vehicles, leave your car in park mode.
    ·  Wheel chocks (kalso), such as a big piece of wood or a brick, can also be used to keep the car from rolling.

Maintaining your Nissan vehicle during the quarantine period ensures a great ride when we get back on the road.

For more safety and maintenance information, please refer to your Owner's Manual or call the 24/7 Nissan Customer Assistance Center at (+632) 8403-6593.

Stay home, and stay safe.