Greatness is seldom achieved without passion. From its very beginnings 80 years ago, Nissan has displayed a flair for innovation and willingness to strike out into territories unknown. 

This passion is what led the company to become a major player in the global automotive stage. By turning What If into What Is, we deliver on our brand promise of “Innovation that Excites”, through our exciting products, and innovative services.

The same passion is what drives us here in Nissan Philippines, as we celebrate our 2nd year anniversary of bringing innovation to the local market. A brand that once seemed left in the past is back, to let you rediscover the excitement in driving.



We at Nissan also believe that is our duty to bring forth technologies that lead to zero emissions and zero fatalities on public roads. This is why we are shaping the future of mobility through our electric vehicles and autonomous drive technology.

We are the pioneers in the mass production of Electric Vehicle (EV) engines, as well as the sales leader in the EV segment through the world’s best-selling EV - Nissan LEAF, while the cutting-edge technology of Nissan’s Autonomous envisions driverless cars on the road by the year 202 to bring down fatalities due to human error.